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Crush Your Goals  |  Validate Your Business  |  Get Shit Done

Crush Your Goals

Are you looking for your first office space? Is it time for your team to expand? Do you need a place to hold meetings that feels like your own?

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, we’re providing our members with a shared workspace to take their next steps, reach their goals, and grow their businesses.


Validate Your Business

You work hard every day, even if it’s from your kitchen table or the coffee shop down the street. But imagine having a place that you can list on Google, where you can bring clients for meetings, that offers all the amenities of a “real” office.

Your kitchen table is cool, but when you’re ready to change things up, we’ll help give you space for your business to flourish.


Get Shit Done

Even if you don’t need an office space at this point, our shared workspace is a great place to collaborate with other women entrepreneurs or to just get shit done when your home office isn’t cutting it.

It’ll be kind of like our secret Facebook group, but we’ll get to interact and collaborate on a more personal level.


Badass women deserve a space to thrive.

Only 5 percent of entrepreneurs in our area are women, and many of us have experienced gender discrimination at some point during our journeys.

What time is it?

It’s time to give women a safe space to work and collaborate outside of any sort of discrimination, unfair treatment, or misguided gender expectations.

It’s time to inspire and energize other women to start their own businesses. If they can see a group of women crushing their goals, they’ll feel empowered to crush their goals, too.

We need your help.

This all sounds great, right? We want to make it happen. Here’s how you can help:

Make a donation

It’s really easy to make a donation through our website. Everything donated on this page will go to making a women-exclusive shared workspace a reality in Fort Wayne.

Sponsor a startup cost

Starting a shared workspace has its own small startup costs that start to add up. Sponsor a stapler or a printer or a month’s worth of coffee. We have giving levels you can choose from to make it easy.

Tell everyone you know

Sometimes, we just need to ask for help. Tell people about our vision and ask if they can help. Or, you can host or attend one of our giving parties, and invite friends who believe in our vision as much as you do.

Is your business interested in supporting women entrepreneurs in Fort Wayne?

  • Make a monetary donation

  • Sponsor a room

  • Donate resources