Membership Benefits

Authentic Community  | Relevant Resources  | A Space to Grow


Own Your Success strives to offer women entrepreneurs a space to be authentically and unapologetically themselves.

Authentic Community

Nearly 600 women will come together to help you spread your wings.


A diverse group of women will answer questions, test norms, and help each other overcome the unique challenges that come with being a woman entrepreneur in Fort Wayne.


As a Member of Own Your Success, you will have exclusive access to a wide network of individuals who can help you solidify your idea, grows your business, or plan for the future.


The truth is, it’s a shitty time to be a woman entrepreneur. But our group is full of women who will support you through it all and won’t make you apologize for being a woman.

Relevant Resources

We’ve created, collected, and curated resources that were made by women, for women.


Women in Own Your Success collectively have a diverse set of skills that they want to share with you. Members of Own Your Success receive a quarterly newsletter written by women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs. 

Peer-to-peer Mentorship

Mentorship opportunities will feel positive, engaging, and supportive – a far cry from the patronizing and disheartening mentors we’re used to working with.


We often get together to chat about our experiences as women in entrepreneurship with other women in entrepreneurship. Own Your Success has worked hard to curate 2020 event programming that’s relevant to women.

A Space to Grow

Coming soon: A coworking space dedicated to women business owners.


Is your business growing? Are you ready to move from your kitchen table to a space that’s your own? Our members will get first access to office spaces exclusively for women business owners in Downtown Fort Wayne.


Our shared workspace will be inviting, inspiring, and created just for women. You’ll have the space for positive interactions, personal brainstorming time, and business growth. It’s not here yet, but it will be. And we need your help to make it happen!