About Us

An inspired community of women entrepreneurs who lift each other up for success.

Our Why

The mission of Own Your Success is to provide a supportive community for women entrepreneurs in Northeast Indiana.

The Own Your Success Manifesto

Dream bigger than the box society puts you in.

Own Your Success women don’t settle. We will not be written off or patronized by the men in the entrepreneurial community who aren’t our allies. We will be pitted against each other and end up in isolation. We are not imposters.

Women business owners are a force to be reckoned with. At Own Your Success, we strive to provide a space for women to come together, ask questions without fear, and get to work on achieving business goals.

Own Your Success Women Are…




Problem solvers









Succeeding together








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Our Leadership

Andie Hines-Lagemann

Founder  |  Executive Director

Britney Breidenstein

Board Member

Steve Franks

Board Member

Kyle Gough

Board Member

Reesha Howard

Board Member

Jess Tebben

Board Member

Matt McClure

Board Member

Our Experiences

There are unique challenges that come with being a women entrepreneur in Fort Wayne. Trust us, we know. Hear from some of our members how Own Your Success has helped them jump these hurdles.

I love this group because we help to inspire, uplift, and motivate each other. Every time I meet with any of you, I’m in awe of the work you all do, am inspired, and leave with a fire lit under my rear so I can keep doing awesome things myself!

“There are questions you don’t know to ask, advice you don’t know to seek, and hurdles you don’t know to look for. With this group, you learn things before you need to, and you always have support. I can’t imagine my entrepreneur journey without you all.”

In addition to being a wonderful resource for the business questions that occur on a daily basis, there is a motivational and inspirational element to being surrounded by women who are honest with both their struggles and successes.

Questions about business get answered, moral support through trying times as well as cheering on through challenges is always available and freely given, and opportunities and success are all celebrated in this group every week.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road sometimes, and this group has become my community that I turn to with questions, for moral support, and for examples of success.

Some women may not have a place where sharing success feels safe or where it would be supported, let alone by other women. But Own Your Success does just that: Celebrates strong women who are reaching goals, some of which wouldn’t have been possible without this very community.

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